let's run together~
Kiki,United Kingdom.Personal, fitblr blog^^Let's get fit! 15 y/o. 5'0. SW: 120lbs CW: - GW: 95lbs


New perspective. Definitely not complaining about an hour a day anymore.

It is SO worth it!

Fitness Girls

My friends are all so beautiful and gorgeous and I’m the “Ugly” and “fat” friend it’s not fair. They’re all naturally skinny which means they can eat A N Y T H I N G  and not gain weight and then there’s me who gains weight so quick T-T And they’re all so pretty. And I can’t find one bad thing about them,  there’s 101 things I hate about me. Ugly. UGLY. uGLY. uGLY. Ugly. 

Kiki x

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she looks so sweet and innocent